BDS victory: Veolia sells off settlement bus lines

A Palestine Solidarity Campaign Update

Veolia have finally sold off their remaining bus lines that run through Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land. Congratulations to all the BDS campaigners who have campaigned for divestment from Veolia – they are responding to your pressure.

As Who Profits reminds us ‘It is important to note that Veolia is still involved in the occupation; in transferring waste to Tovlan landfill in the oPt through a subsidiary and in the light train through it’s shares in Citypass and Connex Jerusalem’.

This week also saw G4S lose another contract: The Norwegian union Industri Energi terminated its long-standing contract with G4S as ‘an act of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people’.

Veolia and G4S are not the only complicit companies; Sodastream have their main factory based in an Israeli settlement, and are profiting from the theft of Palestinian resources and the exploitation of Palestinian labour.

Take action!

  • Join our day of action against Sodastream tomorrow (Saturday). To find out about the nearest action to you please visit our facebook event
  • Don’t buy Sodastream
  • Tell your family and friends not to buy Sodastream

We require urgent help creating events on April 10th in Arizona, 12th in Albuquerque and 14-18th in Texas as well as Dallas. We also have dates in May for KC, SLC, Boise and Eugene. Anyone who can assist with this should contact us right away.