War Criminals

The original list of Israeli war criminals was produced on several sites that are no longer active.  As a service to those who wish to use the information on that list for research and investigation, the Free Palestine Movement hereby reproduces that list as a pdf document.  See the list here.

We also refer you to the following article for background on the list.


“War Criminals” Leak Strikes at Heart of Israeli Society

When unknown elements in Israel leaked the name, rank, identification number and other information about two hundred Israeli military personnel who reportedly participated in the 2008-2009 invasion of Gaza, the effect was sudden and profound, according to sources in Israel.

Although the first site on which it appeared was taken down by the host, it has continued to circulate via email, and has appeared on at least one other site, http://s242816488.onlinehome.us/criminals/ [no longer functional].  The Israeli military and other Israeli agencies are reportedly doing all they can to shut down every site on which it appears, and to prevent it from “going viral.”  At least one popular blog that links to the site has received a record number of death threats.

What is so special about the list?  As several critics have pointed out, it doesn’t even state the crimes that the listed individuals are alleged to have committed.

The root of the problem, according to the sources in Israel, is a poorly kept secret – namely, that it is hard to serve in the Israeli military without committing war crimes, because such crimes are a matter of policy.  What Israeli soldier has not used the “neighbor procedure” – ordering a Palestinian civilian to open the door to a building that might house armed militants or be [continue reading]

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