Infants in Gaza are freezing to death. Please help.

The Free Palestine Movement asks you to help Palestinians in Gaza by donating to our sister organization, the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund.

Adel al-Lahham, less than one month old, is one of three infants that have frozen to death in Gaza this winter.  The New York Times reports that Adel and two others died from the cold and lack of adequate shelter.

Adel’s family is among the roughly 200,000 Palestinians in Gaza that have been homeless since Israel destroyed a tenth of Gaza’s housing last summer.  Israel is refusing to allow materials to rebuild the housing.  Israel permits only a few hours per day of electricity and refuses reconstruction of Gaza’s only power plant, also destroyed by Israel. It has permitted 50,000 liters of diesel fuel to power small generators.  This equals two tablespoons of fuel per person.

The Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund asks for your help to provide blankets and food baskets for the people in greatest need.  In order to make these provisions available as quickly as possible, we will buy them on the local market, which also helps the local economy.  Please send your US tax-exempt donations by check to

Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund
405 Vista Heights Road
El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA

or use our PayPal button:    

The Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund, EIN 20-5516191, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation authorized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to receive tax exempt funds for human rights advocacy.

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