The Global Movement Against Israeli Apartheid: Achievements and Prospects

WSF 2015 1
This forum will review labor and community actions against the Israeli apartheid regime, including global expansion of the successful efforts to stop Zim Line ships, global BDS actions and labor organizing, with reports from South Africa and the World Social Forum in Tunis.
  • Writer, researcher and analyst Sharat G. Lin,  past president of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, will examine South African and Israeli apartheid as processes, report on the World Social Forum in Tunis and analyze the current state of BDS, including future prospects.
  • KPFA radio host and Transport Workers Solidarity Committee representative Steve Zeltzer will report on his meetings in South Africa on labor issues and the South Africa Movement to block Israeli shipping, as well as the blocking of Zim ships in Oakland.
  • Paul Larudee, co-founder of the movement to break the siege of Gaza, will report on his meetings at the Return to Palestine conference in Beirut and his workshop at the World Social Forum in Tunis to expand the blockade of Israeli ships worldwide.
WHEN:      4:00 p.m., Saturday, May 9, 2015
WHERE:   2022 Blake St. (off Shattuck), Berkeley, CA (halfway between Ashby and Berkeley BART)

Sponsored by:  Free Palestine Movement, KPFA WorkWeek radio, San Jose Peace and Justice Center

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