FPM invited 60 members of Congress to Palestine at our expense. Is one of them yours?

You will recall that two weeks ago we put out an appeal for help in contacting the offices of all the sixty freshman members of Congress that had been invited to go to Israel with the American Israel Education Foundation, an AIPAC front organization.  Many thanks to those of you who responded.  We got all of the FPM invitations out by August 10!  Click here to see the template that we used.  Here also is a list of the freshman members of Congress that AIPAC invited.  As you can see only three chose not to accept the AIPAC invitation.

This month, many of these same members of Congress are having Town Meetings with the constituents in their district.  If you are one of those constituents, we have a suggestion for you: attend one or more of those town meetings and publicly ask this question during the Q and A:

[Name], you just got back from a trip to Israel, paid by the Israel Lobby.  You also got an invitation to Palestine, paid by the Free Palestine Movement.  Are you accepting only the Israel invitation, or will you also accept the Palestine invitation, in order to see both sides?

Please report the results to us, if you can.  Let’s hold them accountable!

The FPM Team

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