Palestine’s Fervent Tech Sector Grows After $30 M Investment

Realistically speaking, mass media are the best professionals to use when you want something plain to look brilliant and something good to look poor. In most western countries the general impression of Palestine on public opinion is of a poor and suffering place, oppressed by Israel and forced to give up developing its potentials.

Now, the question – a honest and impartial question – for everyone should be: is it that true?

Important Investments Reveal Palestine’s True Face

We are often told Palestinians are in need of financial resources to grow up their own economy and to develop in a modern, safe way. Organizations, associations and even volunteers are deeply convinced things stay that way.

So, it may hurt like a sudden punch to learn that Palestinian startups are supported with $30 million investments and that the Palestine’s number one high-tech engineering company Sadara Ventures is run by two professionals, a Palestinian-American and an Israeli-American who are raising million dollars investments while planning to invest over 10 years.

Sadara Ventures – A Palestinian-Israeli Success

A good startup included in the investment portfolio of Sadara Ventures is Freightos, an online marketplace for international shipping, which owns offices in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Yamsafer, an online travel service company, is also part of Sadara Ventures owners’ investment plan. The winning formula at Sadara is the professional attitude and unparalleled ability to forget useless resentment of the company’s owners – a sign that working along is possible and even successful beyond all expectations.

The example of Sadara Ventures should teach the world something about true stories and fake images of Middle East. Palestinians are also good investors in online trading, a modern financial method to access markets and make money just via internet.

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