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“…most U.S. Congresspeople glean their understanding of the Middle East primarily or even solely from AIPAC’s professional and expertly tooled pamphlets and briefings. (Galloping ignorance of the world affairs aggravates this dependency; some 70 percent of U.S. Congresspeople do not even hold a U.S. passport, and over 90 percent have never traveled outside the United States. The vast majority of congressional trips to the Middle East have been guided tours of Israel sponsored by the Israeli state.) Hence, AIPAC’s financial and electoral incentives are glossed in the Congress by naive but genuine beliefs in a peace-loving Israel, in irrational and anti-Semitic Palestinian terror, in a terrorist and deceitful Palestinian leadership, and in intrinsigent hostility to Israel among Arab states.”

– an exerpt from The One-State Solution by Virginia Tilley

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